Worried About Uber Freight?

How do you fight a competitor who can afford to loose money on every load for several years and still have their shareholders happy? 

Uber doesn't need to disrupt all carriers. The big carriers, brokers, and fleet managers - they should be worried.

If you look Uber's, Lyft's , and Amazon's shareholder's willingness to accept medium-term losses in exchange for market share you quickly start to think about the dismal prospects of big carriers and brokers. Their shareholders won't tolerate 5 years loosing billions every year. So, it becomes a game of who can survive the longest while remaining solvent - Uber, Amazon and friends win that game.

Amazon has been putting people out of business for 20 years while either loosing money or barely being break-even. Insofar as the newcomers can offer better money to small fleets and owner-operators and they can lockout big logistics companies from that supply two things will happen:

1. Small carriers will be able to make more money (at least in the near term).

2. Incumbent providers will lose billions (which they don't have) trying to supply the needs of their most prized shippers, at a loss.

Article from CCJ: