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Christopher Wall

co-founder, CEO

Christopher develops enterprise software companies and businesses powered by technology. His areas of specialty include logistics, insurance technology, and ERP systems.

He has invested in and founded businesses in enterprise software, freight brokerage, and financial services, while at Phoenix Asset Management in San Francisco and Vision Capital Advisors in New York. His roles there included technology assessment, analysis, fundraising, financial management, executive recruitment, M&A, sales force management, and distressed asset turnarounds..

Christopher speaks English, Python, French, JavaScript and, Italian

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Diego Olivier Fernandez Pons

co-founder, CTO

Diego commercializes research in computer science. His areas of technical specialty include machine learning, optimization, forecasting and enterprise-scale application development.

He has applied these skills building Transportation Management Systems, Optimization and Forecasting Systems at IBM, Kimberly-Clark, Coca-Cola, Kirby Inland Marine, Walmart, and Carrefour, among others. His systems-building experience includes truck scheduling, network and inventory optimization, backhaul consolidation and workforce optimization.

Diego speaks C++, English, JavaScript, French, Haskell, Python, R, and Spanish


Giulia di Tomaso

co-founder, Head of Product

Giulia develops large scale systems, data models, and protocols for research. She has managed teams of developers to build products that deliver services across mobile and web platforms.

She has been applying data analytics as a researcher at Northwell Medical Center to identify patterns that predict outcomes in cardiovascular health that have similar systemic traits to complex logistics operations.

Giulia speaks Italian, Python, C, English and JavaScript